The best switch manufacturer in Taiwan

The best switch manufacturer in Taiwan


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The best switch manufacturer in Taiwan is Goang-Yiu Enterprise Co., Ltd. Goang-Yiu Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been established in Tainan City, Taiwan since 1988, focus on all kinds of switches. With over 30 years of experiences, we uphold producing high quality and offering reasonable price with punctual delivery.

It mainly produces various of switches, power switch, power window switch, tact switch, switch box, slide switch, toggle switch, micro switch, push button switch, fuse holder, circuit breaker, A.C. holder and other products.
After 3 decades of really hard work, we become the switch supplier which for many not only online store but also physical companies of electronic materials, anti-fog mirror manufacturers, car body manufacturers and game console manufacturers. Thanks to we are a local manufacturer that the decision of the manufacture conditions is in our hands. The quality of all Made In Taiwan is more guaranteed, and the price is also competitive.

The rising awareness of environmental protection in recent years while according to the world market trend and customer’s requirement, in order to meet RoHS & REACH directive, our raw material has been tested by SGS, all plastic materials used in the manufacture of our products are purchased from certified brand, such as INVISTA, CHIMEI, NANYA Plastic, etc., all have passed RoHS certification. The documents will also be updated, and all SGS certification documents can be downloaded from our official website.
All the parts of the product, from the injection of the plastic body to the manufacture of metal parts, are produced and assembled in Taiwan, the components will not be out of stock temporarily due to the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have any request of switches, you can order it from us with confidence. Besides, we are a factory, and we need to have a minimum order quantity to arrange production line manufacturing. We apologise for the inconvenience we have brought to you. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our any products.
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